White Collar Defense

There's no substitute for experience. This is especially true in a complex white collar case.

The attorneys of Bozorgi Law PLLC have extensive experience representing corporations, executives, public officials, professionals and individuals under investigation, under criminal indictment or information, and during enforcement proceedings in white collar criminal matters. Our lawyers, investigators and support staff are well versed in the handling of enforcement proceedings and white collar criminal matters arising in both federal courts throughout the United States and in state court.

Defending a complex white collar case requires more than just criminal defense experience — it requires having a history of consistently handling white collar matters over time, experience handling cases in federal court where white collar cases are more typically prosecuted, an understanding of the rules that govern federal criminal practice, and an extensive knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines.

Facing Government Indictment

When a corporation or an individual faces a government indictment we fully examine the charges to discern if there are any potential legal challenges to the charging document or any motions to file to challenge the evidence that the government intends to introduce. We fully investigate and gain command of the government’s case, all possible defenses and defense evidence. We use every resource available to gain a fast command of the facts of the case from both the government’s perspective and that of our client. Then we spend as much time as needed to educate our client on the facts and the law surrounding their case, so that we can work as a team to prepare and best defend against the accusations.  

Our trial skills rank as one of our most powerful assets against a government prosecution. We believe that aggressive advocacy and developing an innovative defense are critical in defending a client’s reputation and livelihood. The attorneys at Bozorgi Law PLLC have extensive jury trial experience, and have successfully represented many clients. Additionally, in many instances, our experience in trying cases and our readiness to try a case have allowed us to obtain favorable plea negotiations as an alternative to trying the case. We routinely utilize experts and consultants to defend our clients.

We incorporate technology and electronic discovery tools every chance we can to organize and synthesize voluminous discovery which is typical in a complex white collar matter. We believe that our ability to gain a quick command of the facts and evidence strengthens our ability to defend and fight against a Government accusation. 

Furthermore, if a client decides to plead guilty, our job does not stop there: We also pride ourselves on aggressive sentencing advocacy. We present a detailed story of our client’s life, mitigating circumstances surrounding the offense and the experiences that brought them before a district judge on sentencing. We are as aggressive in advocating for clients during sentencing as we are during trial. With this attitude we have sometimes been able to achieve even better results during sentencing than what either we or our clients had expected. Our in-depth understanding of the complexities and intricacies of the federal sentencing guidelines has helped many clients. 

Finally, and equally important to aggressive advocacy, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients and our commitment to educate and assist clients and their loved ones throughout a tough, stressful process. We have handled a wide range of complex white collar matters, including health care fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, security fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, public corruption and FCPA violations. Here is just a sampling of the kinds of cases that we can handle:

Financial and Securities Fraud

  • Securities frauds
  • Stock price manipulation
  • Pump and dump schemes
  • Insider trading
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Boiler room frauds
  • Money transmitting business violations
  • Currency transaction violations
  • Money laundering
  • Structuring
  • Banking frauds
  • Mortgage frauds
  • Insurance frauds
  • Wire frauds
  • Mail frauds

Tax Crimes, FCPA and Government Contracts

  • Offshore banking tax violations
  • Income tax evasion
  • Tax fraud
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations
  • Government contract frauds

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Frauds

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Kickback schemes
  • Misbranding
  • Pharmaceutical fraud
  • Pharmaceutical diversion
  • Consumer fraud
  • Counterfeit pharmaceutical schemes

Your defense is serious business.

When you need a defense lawyer, you want someone as concerned as you are about the outcome. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting clients with a strategic, thorough approach and resolute engagement.
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