Investigations & Witness Representation

Whether you are a target, subject or witness of an investigation, you should have an experienced attorney by your side.

We routinely represent clients who have been approached or served with subpoenas by prosecuting or law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to state and local law enforcement officers, or any federal law enforcement agent through various agencies such as the FBI, DEA, FDA, ICE, or Postal Inspectors.

Whenever a law enforcement officer or prosecutor contacts or approaches you to discuss an ongoing investigative matter, whether you are a target, subject, or witness of that investigation, you have the right to have counsel present during questioning and to represent you throughout the process.

If you are a subject or target of a criminal investigation, it is important that you seek counsel to assist you during this process. During the investigative stage of a case, we guide and advise you throughout the process, collect and preserve favorable evidence and advocate on your behalf with the single minded goal of avoiding a formal charge.   

Below are examples of different situations where we have represented individuals and corporations during an investigation, or as a witness:

  • Witness representation
  • Grand jury subpoena for documents
  • Grand jury subpoena for testimony
  • Subpoena to appear before the SEC
  • Subpoena to produce documents to SEC
  • Subpoena to produce documents to other regulatory agencies
  • Investigative subpoena issued by state attorneys office
  • Civil depositions during ongoing criminal investigation
  • Attorney client privilege hearing
  • Fifth Amendment assertion
  • Motion to quash subpoena
  • Motion for protective order against subpoena
  • Accident Investigation representation
  • Execution of search warrant
  • Kastigar hearing

Your defense is serious business.

When you need a defense lawyer, you want someone as concerned as you are about the outcome. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting clients with a strategic, thorough approach and resolute engagement.
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